The French Bulldog – History of the Breed and Proper Care

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that you may be able to make food for your French Bulldog by yourself? Did you know that doing this could make your dog much healthier? Homemade food can be much better for Chico than the processed bags you get from your local pet store. If you make it hypoallergenic, then you are taking even more steps to ensure Chico’s health. You could always buy the hypoallergenic food at the store, but it is often pretty expensive, given the care that goes into making it. By making it yourself, you are saving your money and making your dog’s life better at the same time.

There are a lot of reasons why it is a good idea to make hypoallergenic dog food for your beloved Chico. With all of the ingredients companies are putting in the food these days as fillers, you can never be really confident that your furry companion is getting the nutrition  French bulldog puppies for adoption  he needs. It is basically the equivalent of letting your children eat one bite of dinner and then fill up on popcorn and soda. For the most part, they are all empty calories that will not benefit them in any way, and over time, can actually do damage to their systems. None of us wants to do that to our children, and we should never do it to our dogs, either. Certainly, we are all better parents than that!

Making your own dog food also provides the benefit of knowing exactly what is in his food so that if any problems arise, you are more likely to know what caused them. It is fairly common for a dog to go along happily eating the same food every day for years, and then suddenly develop an allergy to beef or chicken or some other ingredient in his normal food. If this happens with your homemade dog food, you can simply change the ingredients around until your dog is healthy and happy again! If you were continuing to feed Chico dry or canned food, you would have to switch brands to eliminate the problem.

The most logical step in the process of making your dog’s food is to take into account any health issues he may already have. If your dog has heart issues, you’d want to avoid using fatty meats. If your dog is allergic to something, you will understandably leave that food out of his mixture. The only thing you should consider is that it is extremely easy for a dog to become allergic to chicken. If you choose to use chicken in your dog food, you should alternate it with another type of meat regularly.

The best plan when making any type of food for your dog at home is to make a large amount that you can freeze in portion sized containers and thaw as they’re needed. For a medium sized dog, one boneless, skinless chicken breast will combine with the other ingredients to make two meals. How much you cook will logically coincide with how many meals you are making. These instructions are for just two meals. You can increase the ingredient measurements based on how many meals you are making at one time and if for example, you have multiple dogs. Chop the chicken into small pieces or even shred it like cheese once it has been cooked because it will be easier for Chico to digest. Once you have the chicken chopped and ready, just put it in a big bowl and add one cup each of cooked rice, carrots that have been shredded, and green beans. Brown rice is much easier for a dog’s system to handle than is white rice, so that is always the better option. The green beans can be frozen or fresh. Canned vegetables don’t generally have much nutritional value. You can also alternate the brown rice with potatoes, so that your dog has more variety in his meals.


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